A Comprehensive Guide to the Main Line’s Farmers Markets

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Local farmers markets are a great resource for not only fresh produce but also for fresh meats and cheeses. As spring slowly fades into summer, the area’s seasonal markets are opening again, giving Main Liners the perfect opportunity to buy fresh ingredients.

Many markets make an effort to be producer-based, meaning only products made by the producer can be sold. Not only does this support the environment, but it also supports the local agrarian and entrepreneurial economies. Buying local helps support community farmersplus the produce is at its peak freshness, not having to travel far before being sold.

While many Main Line area markets are open year-round, an equal number run with limited hours in the off-season and on a weekly basis throughout the warmer months. Now that the cold weather has abated, the markets will remain open through October, and in some cases, longer.

There’s an abundance of great produce available at these farmers markets. Find stands stacked with colorful seasonal fruits and vegetables, like perfectly plump tomatoes, ears of sweet corn and savory strawberries. Vendors also sell farm-raised meats, like beef, chicken and pork, as well as locally-produced dairy products, especially cheese. Many area markets also incorporate prepared foods from a range of cuisines, as well as artisan handcrafted items and even liquor.

Here, we take a look at the area’s markets and some of what’s available at each.  

—Lisa Dukart

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