Jul 7, 2011
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What Are the Best Concierge Requests You've Gotten?

What Are the Best Concierge Requests You've Gotten?

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Doug G. of Blue Bell writes: As a concierge, what have been your most unusual/favorite requests?

Hi Doug,

Unusual? Hmm … I was once asked to arrange a marriage proposal in the middle of a company picnic. The intended lady would be at the function, while the proposer skydived into the event and presented the ring. The challenges involved logistics and permits: clandestinely getting her employer's OK, along with approvals from the picnic park and the township. Thankfully, the daredevil landed right on his mark, and his bride-to-be happily accepted.

Then there was the gentleman who said, “I want to celebrate my one-year anniversary by taking my wife to breakfast at Tiffany’s.” This request was fun—and easier to fulfill than I had expected. The store’s manager, who was totally down with the idea, let me bring in a caterer and a harpist to the now-closed King of Prussia location. And the man felt like a king, dining on eggs Benedict amid all those baubles. His wife was quite the Holly Golightly, too.

But my most unique request probably was from a company wanting to send 10 hot-on-arrival cheesesteaks to a client’s office in Idaho Falls. Broomall's Drexel Hill Style Pizza worked with me on the task, and the client enjoyed them for lunch the next day.

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