Chris and Sandy Ross’ Modern, Eco-Friendly Home in Bryn Mawr

There is indeed a spot for modern design on the Main Line, and this eco-friendly homestead is form and function perfected.

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CHoney-colored recycled-paper siding covers the exterior of the house, while a black version was used for the garage, making the translucent glass panels really pop at night. hris and Sandy Ross’ Bryn Mawr home is unlike any other on the street. For one, it’s a rare example of new construction in a neighborhood dominated by houses that have been there for generations. “We wanted it to look like it was built in 2011,” admits Chris. “And it does.”

The couple also had eco-friendly concerns. Hence, the solar panels. “We wanted to be conscious of the decisions we were making,” Chris says.

But while the house is certainly unique, it’s far from an eyesore. Philadelphia architect Anthony Miksitz took the more established neighborhood into consideration when he came up with the contemporary design, its lines silhouetting a more traditional style. Gable roofs on the house and the attached two-car garage mimic those on neighboring homes.

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