Q&A: "Up From Corinth" Author J. Arthur Moore

The former Episcopal Academy educator commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with Up From Corinth, the second book in a four-part series that chronicles the role of boy soldiers in the four-year conflict.

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A retired educator who spent 14 years of his 42-year career at Episcopal Academy, J. Arthur Moore is the author and photographic illustrator behind Up From Corinth (Xlibris), the second installment of Journey into Darkness, a four-book historical fiction series that details 11-year-old Duane Kinkade’s baptism into the Civil War. The project arrives as the nation ramps up for the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States, which engaged some 250,000 boys aged 17 and under. Up From Corinth will be featured at the Pennsylvania School Library Association Book Exhibit April 12-14 in Hershey, Book Expo America June 5-8 in New York City and the Pennsylvania Library Association Book Exhibit Sept. 30-Oct. 3 in Gettysburg.

MLT: What sparked your interest in the Civil War?
JAM: A cap box belonging to a distant relative and stories I read in high school.

MLT: What inspired the series?
JAM: I told the story to local campers over the years. Then, on an October 1984 trip, 10-year-old Charlie French offered to represent Duane Kinkade in the photography—but only if I’d finish the story. Another, Michael Flanagan, suggested it be written in several smaller books; he hated reading thick books. With the parents’ permission, Charlie, schoolmate David Rowland and I created the photography, and I started researching and writing Up From Corinth. The 150th is a happy coincidence.

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