Q&A: "Up From Corinth" Author J. Arthur Moore

The former Episcopal Academy educator commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War with Up From Corinth, the second book in a four-part series that chronicles the role of boy soldiers in the four-year conflict.

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MLT: When are the other books in the series due out?
JAM: Up From Corinth is the second book written in the series Journey Into Darkness. The first book, On the Eve of Conflict, was written like a prequel. The remaining titles, Across the Valley to Darkness and Toward the End of the Search, were written in sequence afterwards. The entire series is being read by another publisher with the thought of releasing it all as a box set.

MLT: What were the challenges of blending Civil War facts with fiction?
JAM: To focus on the smaller picture in the research and to concentrate on the pieces that dealt with the storyline. Another major effort went into tracing the history of the real units and officers used in the story—to be sure they were actually at the events within the story as it unfolded. At times, these units had to be changed because of an error in continuity. Environmental issues like weather were taken, in part, from the Time Life and Battles and Leaders history series, but were also from published diaries and journals of those present. Some made-up events are based on probability as reflected in the research, or taken from similar events that actually happened.

MLT: Does the series speak to a Main Line audience in any way?
JAM: The war so encompassed and consumed the country that, wherever [an audience] is, there are past family members who fought in the war, wherever their regiments were engaged.

MLT: What are your hopes for the series?
JAM: My end goal is that it be published in its entirety. Several have said it should be made into a movie. For the story itself, I wish it to find its way into the classroom as a way for our country’s youth to experience the war through the experience of Duane Kinkade—and to realize that history is the story of individual people, not just a list of names, events and dates.

To learn more, visit upfromcorinth.com.

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