Crime on the Main Line: Local Police Reveal the Level of Danger

In this expanded online story, we learn that the Main Line isn’t immune to serious crime. PLUS: Safety tips for preventing vehicle break-ins and more.

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Radnor Township police superintendent Bill Colarulo. (Photo by Jared Castaldi)When a young mother with an infant in tow was robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight outside the Wayne Starbucks this past May, it sent shivers through the Main Line. This isn’t the sort of thing normally associated with our tony neighborhoods and casual business districts. In this shaky economy, could ugly crime be increasing?

Not really, according to local police, who are working hard to downplay such perceptions. “Any time someone is victimized, we treat it as a major incident,” says Radnor Police Superintendent Bill Colarulo. “We want to nip it in the bud with relentless follow-up.”

Hereabouts, as everywhere, there is always pruning to be done; the Main Line is not immune. The reality that crime is stealthy and can happen anywhere really hit home on June 15, when Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman announced the arrest of 27 suspects in a drug investigation that had originated nearly three years ago at a barbershop on Upper Gulph Road in Wayne, a mere mile north of downtown.

The investigation—which also involved Chester and Philadelphia counties—uncovered a large stash of cocaine, cash, weapons and more. Numerous law enforcement agencies utilized wiretaps and thousands of man-hours to crack the case. “[We want to] send a message to these drug dealers that we don’t want them operating in our community,” says Ferman.

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