Mouthing Off: Local Chefs Open Up

From snooty customers to the most underrated chefs in the area, here's the (candid) scoop on what Main Line chefs really think about their competition and the local dining scene.

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The best things about the Main Line dining scene …

“There’s a more eclectic mix. You can go to Savona for upscale Mediterranean, and to Teresa’s Next Door for a beer and some good food.”

“People are knowledgeable about food. That’s also the worst thing, because they think they know everything.”

“There are so many great restaurants to choose from that I don’t have to go to Center City and deal with the hassles of parking.”

“You’re in the suburbs. That’s also the worst thing.”

“It’s nice to see the progression of people’s tastes expand.”

“Diner loyalty.”

“It’s a very affluent area. Even in the middle of a recession, people are able to go out.”

“There’s very little that’s good about dining on the Main Line.”

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