Mouthing Off: Local Chefs Open Up

From snooty customers to the most underrated chefs in the area, here's the (candid) scoop on what Main Line chefs really think about their competition and the local dining scene.

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The worst things about the Main Line dining scene …

“Too many restaurants with the same kind of food.”

“Summer vacations.”

“Too many beef-and-beer ale houses, and some of the bigger establishments don’t want to change or expand.”

“There are so many restaurants to choose from. I can’t possibly afford the gas to sample them all.”

“Lack of choice, lack of variety.”

“Its limited culinary scope. For the most part, you have to have salmon, you have to have filet, you have to have rack of lamb, you have to have chicken. It becomes a little more difficult to try to branch out—and the Philadelphia dining scene is vastly overrated to begin with.”

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