Mouthing Off: Local Chefs Open Up

From snooty customers to the most underrated chefs in the area, here's the (candid) scoop on what Main Line chefs really think about their competition and the local dining scene.

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Most underrated Main Line restaurants or chefs …

“Old Guard House Inn. It’s a comfortable place with a chef [Albert Breuers] who’s busting his ass the old-school way—and I respect him for that.

“Fellini Café in Berwyn.”

“Clark Gilbert of Gemelli. He’s very, very talented.”

“Marly’s BYO in Phoenixville.”

“Sola in Bryn Mawr.”

“Carlo deMarco. He’s consistently talented and interesting, and he’s not been given the credit he’s due.”

“John Brandt-Lee at Avalon.”

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