Mouthing Off: Local Chefs Open Up

From snooty customers to the most underrated chefs in the area, here's the (candid) scoop on what Main Line chefs really think about their competition and the local dining scene.

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Food trends that have run their course …

“The Philly cheesesteak spring roll. I think it’s the most ridiculous thing. If I’m gonna have a cheesesteak, I’ll have a cheesesteak.”

“Gastro-chemistry is very attractive to young chefs, but it can be overused so easily.”

“I’m sick of a place using the term gastro-pub and really just serving plain old bar food.”

“Scientific, chemical cooking.”

“Pork belly.”

“Tapas. Some chefs don’t get the true essence of what it is.”

“The whole celebrity chef thing and wanting to be on TV.”

“The overuse of ‘farm fresh’ and ‘sustainable.’ It’s just a joke in most situations.”

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