Searching For the Main Line

Will the real Main Liners please stand up? And who are they, anyway?

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Illustration by Dewey Saunders

I lived my first two decades in the Marilyn Park section of Havertown, which is a very nice place to grow up. The neighborhood is hilly and treelined, its houses mostly ’60s split-levels.

In a similar neighborhood along Ellis Road, just across from Marilyn Park and adjacent to the prestigious Merion Golf Club, lived Robin Collier, who always made it a point to tell me where she resided.

“I live in Haverford, too,” I’d say.

“No, you don’t. You’re in Haverford Township, but you’re not in the 19041 zip code. Yours is 19083. This means you live in HaverTOWN (the last syllable was pronounced with a sneer of superiority).”

“I live on the Main Line, and you don’t!” she’d gloat in a singsong mantra.

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