Roger Schwab: Keeping Main Line Health & Fitness Going Strong

His fitness expertise has earned national acclaim during the past 35 years. So why aren’t more people listening to Roger Schwab?

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“We work the largest muscles to the smallest in a series, where you can work every major muscular structure in your body in a half-hour,” says Schwab. “You can work the muscles and the bones, the heart and the lungs, and your flexibility, all at one time.”

To this day, Schwab believes this workout should be the cornerstone to any fitness program. “It’s the perfect training method,” he says.

Trouble is, not enough people are doing it—even in his own gym. These days, strength training has been overshadowed by power yoga, Pilates, Zumba, spinning and a host of other newer fitness options.

“People aren’t strength training because Madison Avenue doesn’t buy it,” he says. “It’s intense and difficult, and people don’t want to train that hard. Even the great athletes today don’t train like this. They’re looking for the same type of trends and gimmicks everybody else is.”

Still, says Schwab, “I couldn’t stay in business if I didn’t offer yoga, BodyPump classes and Pilates. We have to give people what they want—but you also have to give them what they need.”

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