The Must List of BYOBs on the Main Line

18 restaurants every foodie should visit – with a bottle of booze.

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Cherry clafoutis

When it comes to dining out on a budget, bringing your own bottle can make all the difference. And for Main Line-area diners this winter, the BYOB climate is hotter than ever, with a handful of husband-and-wife teams debuting buzz-worthy, liquor-less concepts. Try these ...

Carnivore Alert

French Holiday

Some Like it Hot

No-Frills Mexican

Dinner and a Show

For Food Snobs

Something New

Like to Share?

The Royal Treatment

A Little Romance

Secret Dinner Club

Informal Formality

Big-Time Brunch

Locals Only

For the Indecisive

Pad Thai Advocacy

For the Pizza Purist

Go Large