Past Perfect

Profiles on some of the more compelling players in the ongoing battle to keep history alive on the Main Line.

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The much-publicized demolition of La Ronda aside, preservation efforts big and small continue unabated on the Main Line, making it easy for the rest of us to take the area’s rich history for granted. (And that, of course, is the last thing we should do.)

Pollard's Projects

Ted Pollard and his Radnor Community Preservation Coalition rescue and revive history.

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Ardrossan for the Ages

The majestic estate is the subject of an upcoming book.

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Deignan’s Downingtown

Developer Tom Deignan builds a future for an abandoned paper mill.

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Right on Track

A crew of supporters makes a new path for Cynwyd Train Station.

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Mill Work

Chester Springs’ Mill at Anselma powers on.

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Postcard Gus

Collector Gus Spector’s vintage postcards preserve place in time.

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