Top Financial Advisers 2012

Need help navigating today's economy? We found 13 Main Line experts perfectly suited for this bumpy ride through the recession.

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Steve Manley

GFM Advisory Group, Janney Montgomery Scott, 200 N. High St., Suite 201, West Chester;
(610) 436-6063,

Average AUM per client: $750,000

Average number of clients per adviser: 90
Specialties of note: Income-based portfolio management, wealth preservation/insurance, 401(k) plans for midsized companies.

For Steve Manley, it’s all about trust. “We consider a prospective client’s accountant to be their most trusted adviser,” says the GFM Advisory Group vice president, who specializes in wealth management. “A referral from them really is taken with great responsibility.”

Manley typically deals with clients who are more interested in holding on to their assets and decreasing their income than growing their total return over time. “Preservation of capital and a consistent income stream have become paramount for high-net-worth investors and their finances,” he says.

Manley and partners Mert Gilbert and Michael Fetrow prefer the more personalized experience of a smaller, regional firm like Janney. “We deliver a custom financial plan on the front end,” says Manley. “Clients are looking for buckets of guaranteed income. That’s what we help them achieve.”

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