Q&A: Unionville Saddle’s David Ferron

The Kennett Square designer shares his personal style.

David Ferron Unionville Saddle


Personal style: I believe in being comfortable but looking put together. My style is pretty casual—I’m a sweater-and-jeans guy. In the spring and summer, don’t be surprised if you see me sporting Birkenstocks while sewing evening gowns.

Style icons: When I moved to New York in 2007, I was inspired by the energy. Staying up all night, making art in a dirty Lower East Side apartment and surviving on whatever I could afford at the bodega. It wasn’t until years later when I read Just Kids that I realized I had a very similar experience to Patti Smith. I love how Patti uses clothing as a statement, without being in your face.

Every man needs: A perfectly fitting button down shirt.

Favorite splurge: Fragrance. When I’m not wearing a fragrance, I feel naked. My friends always comment on how good my “scent game” is.

Go-to casual outfit for winter: A cashmere sweater and jeans. You can layer it with scarves and jackets.

New Year's Eve style: A blazer and a T-shirt.

Favorite accessory: My great grandmother’s high school graduation ring from Parsons.

Favorite item in his closet: My black denim jacket. Over the years, I’ve added patches, which have great memories attached to them.

Winter trends he's wearing: I’m not a trend-driven person. I prefer things that will last and not go out of style.

First piece of clothing he designed: A Halloween costume I made for myself. I remember working on a vampire cape with my mom in Chadds Ford when I was little and being so excited to show it off at school.

How his style inspires his work: My personal style tends to be very functional. There is nothing more annoying than a pocket in the wrong place, or a collar that is too tight. Functionality is extremely important.

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