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High and Dry

Re: Mark E. Dixon’s March 2013 Retrospect column, “The Burgess’s List”: What a great story about West Chester, and what a great contrast to Philadelphia, which generally ignored Prohibition. Do you know if Charles Pennypacker was related to former Pennsylvania Gov. Samuel Pennypacker? 

Bob Sibka, President,
Association of Philadelphia Tour Guides

Dixon responds: Charles described himself as a cousin of Gov. Pennypacker. Samuel wasn’t popular with the press, in part because he tried to get a law passed that would’ve allowed officials to sue papers and reporters who they felt criticized them unfairly. Contrast that with Charles, who was an ex-journalist himself and loved to talk to reporters. Merely by writing favorably about Charles, reporters could get their digs in at Sam.

Pride by Association

I was so proud to be a part of the Andrews-Scardigli wedding (“Warm Embrace,” January 2013). The families were so wonderful, and the bride and groom just warmed my heart. I was soaked in champagne when the groom popped the cork. These kinds of weddings are what make me love what I do. It was a blast! 

Wendy Hartigan,
Wendy’s Affairs of Heart

Food for Thought

I am one of the subjects in J.F. Pirro’s article about competitive eating (“A Real Mouthful,” February 2013), and I just wanted to say thanks. It’s a great piece, and I loved the job that was done. I appreciate anytime someone takes a few minutes to talk to me about my foolish hobby—and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Sean Gordon


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Stolen Youth

In reference to “Battling the Unthinkable,” December 2012: Yes, the “statute of limitations” for child sex crimes needs to be reformed, opening a window of opportunity so past victims can have their day in court. This is the one sure way to expose the truth, to hold accountable those who are responsible, and to get child sex abuse stopped today. Predators need to be kept far away from kids forever. But an even more powerful danger is when high-ranking officials enable, empower and cover up these crimes against kids. They need to be held accountable for allowing more innocent children to be sexually abused. Child sex abuse thrives in secrecy and secret systems that allow it to continue to this day. 

Judy Block-Jones 
Midwest Associate Director, Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
Marthasville, Mo.

Forgotten Town

Why don’t you ever do a story about Havertown and its growth? We have at least four new places to eat. Maybe you could stop over and take a look.

Nance Connolly

A Serious Fan

Good for you—for all you do! This I say to Mark Dixon. I am a 50-year lover of history, and Dixon’s Retrospect is up there with the best. He consistently gets his target right and adds to my knowledge every time.

And so, to Dixon: Good for you—for all you do!

Thomas R. Smith
Bear, Del.


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