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Body Count

I enjoyed Mark E. Dixon’s article on Maj. Isaac Barnard (Retrospect, May 2010). I’m curious about the burial grounds he was exhumed from. I’m guessing it’s the old grounds next to the West Chester Meetinghouse, which is now where one of the school buildings stands.

Linda Fisher
West Chester

Dixon responds:
You are correct about the original burial spot of Isaac Barnard. It was at the Friends burial ground on North High Street. This doesn’t, of course, mean that the bodies went anywhere. Friends are modestly famous for their casual attitudes about the dead. The Arch Street meetinghouse in Center City was also built on a burial ground, and I was told the bones recovered in that process were simply added to the trench around the foundation.


Shedding Light

I encountered your April issue featuring Newport, R.I. (“Escape with Ease,” April 2010). The spread was interesting, but you misidentified the lighthouse pictured as Goat Island Lighthouse. It’s actually Castle Hill Lighthouse, which is easily one of the most photographed lighthouses in the United States.

Al Nannini
Newport, R.I.


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