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I read with interest Mark E. Dixon’s rather unflattering article on Jack Dempsey in Main Line Today (Retrospect, May 2009). My father, Arthur F. Driscoll, was Jack’s attorney, advisor and friend. He was a frequent dinner guest at my family’s home in Scarsdale, N.Y. I remember one of his wives (I think he had three) accompanying him. She was an actress, Estelle Taylor, and I was fascinated by her glamour. I was about 9.

While vacationing in Naples, Fla., with my dad, Jack joined us for dinner. Everyone in the dining room was rubbernecking. He had two daughters; I don’t know who was the mother. He enrolled them in a Catholic boarding school on my father’s advice. I have no idea where they are now.

In his later years, Dempsey owned a restaurant in New York City and was usually there, meeting and greeting. He attended my dad’s wake and funeral in 1967. That was the last contact I ever had with him.

Ethel Mallory
West Chester


Keeping It Real

Dawn E. Warden’s Coatesville: A Diamond in the Rough? (June 2009) was tastefully written and painted a true picture of Coatesville. Many Chester County communities know of some of our trials, but few truly know and understand Coatesville’s present condition. Thank you for taking the time to cover all the bases.

Kristin Geiger
Public Relations Specialist
City of Coatesville


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