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Perfect Match

John and Lisa DeBella make it look easy—“it” being just about everything. 

Photo by Jared Castaldi

Professionally, our Best Unconventional Power Couple is on top of both their respective games. John hosts the morning show on WMGK-FM, and Lisa is a top-selling realtor at Prudential Fox & Roach’s Rosemont office. Their home is gorgeous, mixing traditional décor and quirky collectibles like the foyer’s vintage green marble and onyx ashtrays embellished with miniature statues of dogs. The canine theme is woven throughout the house in pillows and paintings and their real-life pups, Fanny and Harley. There’s also a nifty built-in fish tank between the foyer and living room.

Despite the sumptuousness of their furnishings, the DeBellas are a down-to-earth couple. “We live in our living room,” says John. “It’s where we hang out—not just a space for company.”

And entertaining is something the DeBellas are very fond of. John is a master at the grill, and Lisa is an accomplished and adventurous cook. Over the years, they’ve thrown a fair share of parties, with lots of friends, family and business acquaintances. Now they prefer intimate gatherings. “The days of big parties are over,” says Lisa. “Everyone’s adopted a more casual lifestyle, and it’s just more fun to throw a laid-back dinner party that’s not so complicated—you can’t sit down and enjoy your company.”

If you haven’t seen the DeBellas around town, it’s not because they’re too cool for school. It’s a scheduling issue. A 3:30 a.m. wake-up time means John’s in bed by 7:30 p.m. So if it’s dinner out, it’s the early-bird special—typically at Fleming’s in Radnor, Ginza in Narberth or Sang Kee in Wynnewood.

Because two of their three pets are older—Fanny, a sheepdog, is 14, and their cat, Yeti, is 15—the DeBellas usually opt for events that won’t keep them out for long. They’re such animal lovers that, when Lisa found a bird’s nest with eggs inside their grill, she forbade John to move it and set forth a “no grilling until the babies hatch” policy. You’d think they could afford a new grill, but Lisa would have none of that. “The only reason our finances are in order is Lisa’s financial wizardry and thriftiness,” admits John. “She won’t let me buy expensive stuff.”

Their love of animals has led to lengthy involvement with area pet adoption and rescue organizations, and John’s weekly appearances on NBC’s 10! Show.

“I’m an old hippie,” he says. “I’m fortunate to have a job that connects me to the community and enables me to reach out and have a positive impact on the town I’m crazy about.”

—Dawn E. Warden

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