Wedding Planning Tips: How to Create a Memorable Reception

A wide variety of Philadelphia-area vendors are ready to elevate your special day from typical to unforgettable.

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Sweet Buffets

Why not treat guests to a good old-fashioned sugar spread? Couture Candy Buffets ( in New Jersey can set up an elaborate display for guests to snack on during the reception, and they can even bring home a treat bag afterwards. If you prefer, you can set up the buffet on your own.

“A florist can rent you the jars and scoops, along with ribbons matching the colors of your day to decorate the jars,” says Patrone. “Candy can be bought from any local candy store, but make sure you put in the order ahead of time to ensure your favorites are available.”
And don’t forget small plastic bags, so guests can fill up before they leave.

Dessert buffets are a more typical way to go. “Cupcakes continue to be a popular dessert,” says Barness. “One client made them extra special by asking the caterer to make them from a family recipe.”

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