Blending Cultures for One Wedding Ceremony

Food, décor, dress and music can all be customized to suit cultural variety among family and friends for the big day.

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Ilonka Comstock was the floral decorator for the Rho-Reid wedding. “People look for ways to make their weddings unique and memorable, and also heartfelt,” she says. “There are flowers and plants that are symbols of good luck, love and prosperity from different cultures. They can be incorporated into bouquets or table decorations.”

And there are also those who borrow traditions from different cultures. “I had one client who was a strong Christian, and she and her mother were looking through photos of my past work,” says Comstock. “They saw a beautiful chuppah I did with flowers and greenery, and the mother wanted it for her daughter’s wedding.”

At first, Comstock hesitated. “I said, ‘You know that’s from Judaism, right?’ she recalls. “The mother says, ‘So what? It’s gorgeous. And besides, Jesus was a Jew. We’re all one big family.’”