Jennifer Fuller's Bryn Mawr Georgian Colonial Stunner

There's more than enough visual interest to go around at this interior designer's home, but balance keeps the bold moves in check.

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Interior designer: Jennifer Fuller, Willow at Haverford Square, 385 W. Lancaster Ave., Haverford; (610) 642-6555 and (610) 520-7494,

An oversized zebra-print rug makes a striking first impression in the reception hall. (Photo by John Lewis)As a rule, Jennifer Fuller is hired to interpret the styles, tastes and sensibilities of others. A rare exception came three years ago, when the interior designer moved to Bryn Mawr from Princeton, N.J., with her husband and two young daughters. For once, she had free reign to revel in her own ideals. “It was nice to bring in some strong colorations, some edginess and some things that are just fun,” she says. “There are so many fun people out there, and their houses need to reflect more personality.”

The Fuller house is anything but vanilla—that much is apparent the moment you step into the 1913 Georgian Colonial’s grand foyer, with its large-scale zebra-print rug and unexpectedly beautiful Venetian plaster treatment on the ceiling. As she did throughout the rest of the house, Fuller kept the foyer walls a neutral color so her collection of abstract art would stand on its own. A high-gloss black closet door and a deep-raspberry cushion on a gilded Art Deco chair sharply contrast the cream walls. “I wanted people to be intrigued by the foyer—for it to have a ‘wow’ factor,” says Fuller. “It should make them want to see what’s happening throughout the rest of the house.”

From the start, Fuller was open to either a new or an old home. Now, she feels she has the best of both worlds. “This was an older house that had great bones and structure that I knew I could give more of a modern touch,” she says.

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