Uterine Fibroid Treatment Innovations at Paoli Hospital

Though doctors aren't sure what causes the painful masses to grow, physicians on the Main Line have a solution to the mysterious problem.

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Nature Over Knives

Phyllis Bucci’s nonsurgical options for uterine fibroids.

Bucci is a practitioner of naturopathic medicine and co-owner of Holistic Apothecary in Ambler.

Good fats
Eat more fish, nuts and other things with Omega-3 fatty acids. “No-fat and low-fat diets might be good for some things, but not fibroids. They starve the body of lipids it needs to balance hormones.”

Wild yam cream
Bucci and other homeopathic professionals believe it provides an all-natural boost of progesterone that balances estrogen and other hormones.

Dong guai
Often called “female ginseng,” it has been a staple of Chinese medicine for centuries. Bucci uses it to relieve symptoms of PMS and fibroids.

Jin shin jyutsu and reiki
Bucci uses both forms of massage to reduce stress, which stimulates fibroid growth. “When you’re stressed, your body uses its hormones differently. Massage reduces the stress, allowing those hormones to go back into balance.”

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