Q&A: Jewelry Designer Alexis Kletjian

The Kennett Square-based designer shares her personal style.

Alexis Kletjian

Style icons: Jane Berkin, Kate Moss, Jade Jagger and Victoria Beckham for their unique, individual style.

Summer trends she loves: White, soft cotton sweaters, day-dresses with sneakers, and lots of gold.

Go-to outfit for the beach: A hat, bikini, oversized soft T-shirt and lots of sunblock. 

How she styles pieces from her line: I like to layer jewelry to tell my story. Most often, I’ll be wearing bracelets, charms and rings from my own collection with antique and vintage layered in. My “Lucky Star” and “Lotus” collections are perfect for layering.

Her splurges: A fabulous antique or vintage jewel, a new book, a lavender latte, and seasonal wardrobe pick-me-ups from favorite local boutiques like No. 109 Shop, Marché and Chantilly Blue. I love to support the businesses in my community.

Favorite item in her closet: My bracelet collection. I don’t feel dressed without them. I own more bracelets than jeans. 

Wardrobe staples: I’m a creature of habit. I’ll wear the same few things on seasonal rotation. Those staples tend to be white T-shirts, sweaters, furry vests, and lots of denim. Basically anything comfortable and/or black.

Visit www.alexiskletijian.com

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