Best of the Main Line & Western Suburbs 2009

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Children’s Theater Series: Media Theatre for the Performing Arts

This season’s kid-friendly lineup has featured Blue’s Clues Live, Ebenezer (an adaptation of the classic A Christmas Carol), Honk! Jr. (a contemporary musical version of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Ugly Duckling), the classic fairy tale Cinderella and Willy Wonka Jr. And for the child who wants to be more than a spectator, Media Theatre offers a Broadway camp, where young thespians study acting, music and choreographed movement with professional directors, performers and technicians. 104 E. State St., Media, (610) 891-0100,

Green Town: Narberth
When it comes to living green, Narberth puts its neighbors to shame—although they’d prefer to call it “leading by example.” The community-based Narberth Greens initiative holds events throughout the year, including the Darby Creek Clean Up, Narberth Birdwalk, sustainability symposiums, and a flower and vegetable swap. Its website is maintained on a computer that’s powered by 100-percent wind energy, and it even includes an online Green Guide, so no one in this earth-friendly borough need go uninformed.

Local Blog: Justsnarky
See story.

Main Liner with Spirit: Bobby Mansure of the Eagles Pep Band
Every time you hear the “Eagles Fight Song,” remember that Main Liner Bobby Mansure had a little something to do with it. He was the one who formed the Eagles Pep Band, which resurrected the tune and made it the hit with fans it is today. Composed of Mansure and three other fans, the group plays before games and on the radio. They’ve even been hired to perform at wedding receptions. (Why are we not surprised?)

Moment We’d Like to See Again: The Phillies Winning the World Series

Phillies fans are still pinching themselves after the team’s long-awaited World Series win over the Tampa Bay Rays in October of last year. When pitcher Brad Lidge fell to his knees after his last strikeout of 2008, no doubt every Main Liner with a pulse knew how he felt. The rush was simply intoxicating, and the ensuing victory parade epic. (Can we see that replay one more time, please?)

The Julia Fowler Planetarium at Eastern University (Photo by Carlos Alejandro)Philadelphia Export: PhillyCarShare on the Main Line
Among Volvos and Land Rovers, “car sharing” doesn’t seem like a concept that would ever really fly. But for the car-less drivers who do, in fact, live among us, the arrival of PhillyCarShare onto the verdant college campuses of the Main Line is a welcome sight. The Philly-based group combines crunchy nonprofit collectivism with an acute awareness that, even for the greenest lovers of foot or mass transit, sometimes nothing but a car will do. (215) 730-0988,

Place to Ponder the Heavens: Julia Fowler Planetarium at Eastern University
Tucked away on the bucolic campus of Eastern College, the digital, full-dome Julia Fowler Planetarium offers stunning views of the night sky. And while the staff is dedicated to teaching most of the year, they do develop special shows that run for three weekends each season. 1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, (610) 341-1390,,

Place to Rub Shoulders with Rock Stars and Bam Margera: The Note
See story. 142 E. Market St., West Chester,

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