Lyme Lives Here

Doctors and lawmakers alike take a stand against this misunderstood disease permeating Southeastern Pennsylvania.

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“Unfortunately, none of this has been accompanied by any reduction in the disease,” says Dinniman. “But it would be far worse if there wasn’t the educational effort out there.”

Dinniman explains the duality of the disease. “The crisis is a double one,” he says. “You get it, [and] years later, when you think it’s resolved, it’s not. People pay their [insurance] premiums because they want to get help when they need it. The medical professionals can continue to argue. But while they do, let’s treat the people and get them help.”

To resolve the catch-22 in the Senate and move the Lyme bill forward, Dinniman plans to sit down with Greenleaf and figure out how to redraft the bill and get it into another committee like Public Health and Welfare. “We have to deal with this as a matter of public health,” he says. “In my judgment, Lyme is a public health crisis.”

To promote awareness, he hosted an April screening of Under Our Skin at West Chester University. The award-winning Lyme documentary features Coatesville’s Shea family, among others.

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