Main Liner Q&A: What's Rosaria Hawkins' Zen Destination?

We’ve got the answer to this question and more from the Take Charge Consultants president.

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» Very own vici: Completing my doctorate in human and organizational systems. I’m also proud of the fact that, when I transitioned into the position of president of Take Charge Consultants, the company was growing at a rate of 30 percent each year.

» Zen destination: Thailand.

» If she had an extra hour each day, she would: I should say that I’d exercise more but, more likely, I’d spend it with family and friends.

» Life view: chance or fate? Fate plays a big part, but where you’re born can make a difference in the opportunities available to you.

» Pet peeve: People who waste time while you’re waiting in line.

» Most marked characteristics: Optimism and my sense of humor.

» Quality she admires most in others: Authenticity.

» Mantra: Live every moment to the fullest.
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