Q&A: Republican State Senate Candidate Charles Gehret

To say he's not like most 25-year-olds is an understatement. Find out what makes this West Conshohocken politics buff tick.

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Photo by Jared CastaldiAt a time of year when most 20-somethings are focused on weekends at the Shore and Phillies games, Charles Gehret has a few other things to think about. The West Conshohocken resident is a Republican state Senate candidate for the 17th district. And, at just 25 years of age, he knows he’s got a tough fight. But the question he raises is one to which we can all relate: “Since when did age become a determinate of ability?”

MLT: How did you get involved in politics so early?
CG: The political bug bit me right around [the 2008 recession]. I went to George Washington University’s School of Business, and I graduated right around the time of the financial crisis. I was working with Tom Corbett’s gubernatorial campaign. Right after college, I was promoted to comptroller, where I managed his budgetary needs. From there, I got close with Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley, and I began working for him as his chief financial officer. I resigned last November to pursue this election.

MLT: Why did you take the state Senate route?
CG: During Corbett’s campaign, I got to hear a lot of people talk about the issues that affect them, and I know there are ways to resolve them. It’s a fascinating process of enacting and implementing changes, and we struggled a lot. But we completed the things we set out to do. We finished the budget on time, which was a huge undertaking on its own, and something that hadn’t been done in the previous eight years.

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