Next Gen 2019

Next Gen 2019: Caroline Capuzzi

Author, Dog Joy

Caroline Capuzzi


Age: 18

When the Capuzzi family adopted Stella from Greenmore Farm Animal Rescue in West Grove, they never imagined how much she’d inspire them. She was initially timid, but with time and compassion, the Australia/Border Collie mix opened up to her new owners. “In the beginning, it was hard. She’d run away from the vacuum or if we were making something in the blender,” says Caroline Capuzzi, who lives in West Chester. “Even to this day she’s still very skeptical and apprehensive around men. You could tell she was just scared, but she’s come around so much.”

Capuzzi wanted to share her family’s experience and that of other rescue pet owners. With help from her father, Mike, she created Dog Joy, which details 26 accounts of life with rescue dogs. Debuting in late 2018, the book benefits smaller rescues around the country.

Come fall, the Henderson High School senior will pursue writing as a journalism major at Penn State University. She’s also contemplating a follow-up to Dog Joy. “I’m really passionate about it, and I really do want to spread the word,” Capuzzi says.

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