Next Gen 2019

Next Gen 2019: Garrett Snider

Founder, Childhood Resilience Foundation

Garrett Snider


Age: 23

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in seven American children have experienced abuse and/or neglect in the past year—and those raised in low socio-economic conditions are five times as likely to be victims. As the founder of the Childhood Resilience Foundation, Garrett Snider is working to combat these daunting statistics. “Since launching in 2017, we’ve impacted hundreds of lives,” says the Bryn Mawr native. “We’re focused on engaging young people directly in their own self-advocacy by giving kids the language they need to talk about their bodies and boundaries.”

A philanthropist since age 11, Snider has volunteered with various organizations, many focusing on at-risk youth. After spending years working with East Norriton-based Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center, he launched the Childhood Resilience Foundation. “I made a list of services not provided by the organizations I respected most and made those the centerpiece of Resilience,” says Snider, who remains active with Mission Kids and serves on the board of the Petit Family Foundation, which aids young women, victims of violence and those stricken by chronic illness.

CRF programming includes lunch initiatives and empowering in-school talks about recognizing and combating abuse. “Our school lecture series has taken us to schools in every part of the state,” he says. “These are highly interactive, deeply important exercises that help cultivate stronger bonds and heightened sensitivity to trauma within student bodies.”

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