Our 29 Best Towns

From Bala Cynwyd to West Chester, we asked local realtors for the lowdown on how things are shaping up in our area. See how your town is faring.

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The Colonial Theatre during BlobFest.Phoenixville

+ A first-time homebuyers’ paradise, with affordable prices—and not too far (10 miles) from the western fringes of the traditional Main Line.

+ An impressive, revitalized downtown that’s home to a surprising number of great restaurants. The historic Colonial Theatre hosts movies, plays, concerts and special events for all ages.

+ French Creek offers more than 35 miles of trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding.

- With nothing but two-lane roads in and out of town, commute times—especially south and east—can get dicey. Better mass transit would help. “The fact that the train ran to Phoenixville before makes it comprehensible to think that it can return,” says a local agent.

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