Q&A: The Grand Review Owner Todd Kimmell

He's a treasure-hunter who has a soft spot for Sang Kee and books on tape. Find out what else the gallery owner counts among his favorite things.

Todd Kimmell, Overbrook Farms 
Owner, The Grand Review, Ardmore (thegrandreview.com)

Coolest thing about his job: My work is all about finding and falling in love with individual historic images. Imagine a combination of treasure hunting, the rush of fresh love, the drive of Dr. Frankenstein, and the satisfaction of saving a lost puppy and returning it to loving owners. 

The last thing he ate that he loved: Just knowing that Sang Kee is there for my busy family to come together for the occasional meal is such a plus. I usually go for one of their big soups. 

The perfect vacation: We enjoy driving with books on tape to some reasonably distant American locale, then slowing down and exploring all the region has to offer. 

Pet peeves: Mean-spiritedness and lies presented as truth. 

What he likes most about others: There are those who carry a sparkle in their eyes.

Country or rock? Give me a song that can make me move, make me smile, make me cry, make me reach out for my beloved. It doesn’t matter what genre.

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