Main Line Salaries: See How Much Main Line Professionals and Sports Celebs Like the Phillies’ Roy Halladay Earn

The earnings most people won’t reveal (but everyone wants to know).

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Andrea Elovson

Owner, Sleepy Bug, Montgomery County

What she makes: $80/hour for phone consults, $100 for home visits.

Average hours worked per week: 15-20 hours.

Typical workweek: “As an infant and toddler sleep coach, my days are never the same. I spend a majority of my time coaching parents. I run workshops and sleep clinics in and around Philadelphia, so I keep up with the latest pediatric sleep research and update my presentations.”

Best part of her job: “The relief I hear in my clients’ voices when I tell them that they aren’t the only ones whose baby isn’t sleeping. As a new mom, I thought my baby should ‘sleep like a baby.’ Most don’t. I love that I get to hear the truth, not a glossy version of motherhood. It keeps me grounded in my own role as a mom.”

Previous profession: Documentary television producer. “I produced news shows for the Discovery Channel, CNN and PBS. It was an exciting job, but it doesn’t mesh well with being a mom.”
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