Ardmore's MilkBoy Expands to Philly

The suburban mainstay capitalizes on its food-and-music formula to make a successful transition to the city stage-and-bar scene.

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DRINKING IT IN: MilkBoy’s Jamie Lokoff (left) and Tommy Joyner in their new Philadelphia studio. (Photo by Jared Castaldi)It’s a rainy “Leap Night” at MilkBoy, and the band on stage is throwing down like it’s, well, an evening that happens once every four years. Area musician Pete Donnelly—known for his membership in NRBQ and his own group, the Figgs—is celebrating his last night of a six-week residency at the Philadelphia club, and he’s invited some friends. In the house are local singer/songwriters Ben Arnold and Jim Boggia, while on deck is headliner Tommy Stinson, former member of ’80s indie-rock stalwarts the Replacements and currently the touring bassist for Guns N’ Roses.

Donnelly wraps up a song and leans into the mic. “Who owns this place, anyway?” he asks the audience in jest.

Onto the stage jumps MilkBoy’s co-owner, grinning like the guy who knows he’s throwing the coolest party in town. “Let’s get Tommy Joyner to sit in on drums for this next one,” Donnelly announces.

Joyner eases in behind the drum kit with a wide smile and seamlessly lays down the beat for the next song. The crowd cheers. Everyone, it seems, is having a most excellent time.

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