Joanne Lang's AboutOne App: Family Organization At Hand

After a hospital trip had her scrambling for medical records, Lang realized there was room in the digital market for family organization at parents' fingertips.

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Photo by Jared CastaldiJoanne Lang recently flew from her Malvern home to Santa Clara, Calif., to share her story of transformation as a keynote speaker at the BlogHer Entrepreneurs Conference. A mere two years earlier, she’d been juggling a full-time job as an SAP software executive and a demanding home life. When one of her four young sons has to be rushed to the hospital after an asthma attack, Lang left her home in a panic with only her cell phone and car keys.

“When I got to the hospital, the paramedics started asking me all these questions about his medicines and insurance,” she recalls. “I had it all at home, but I couldn’t get to it.”

That sobering experience was a life-changer for Lang, who’s now the founder and CEO of, a website that helps “manage what matters most.” At SAP, Lang had learned how cloud technology aids in making businesses more efficient. But what about the busy households inundated with paperwork and forms?

AboutOne is a secure, online family organizing system that works in conjunction with your online calendar and contact tools to provide relevant information in a quick and easy manner from a computer or mobile phone. “The goal is to take away the time parents spend filing and organizing family-related tasks and mementos,” she says.

Lang did extensive market research and built a prototype. But in order to move AboutOne into the development stage, she had to leave her 13-year position at SAP. “I was the breadwinner, so it wasn’t easy telling my husband that I wanted to leave my job—with benefits— during a down economy and invest our savings into a startup business,” she admits.

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