McAlpine Tankersley Architecture Brings Southern Charm To Villanova

The Montgomery, Ala. design team combined modern and comfortable vibes under one roof for the ultimate in sophistication.

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As you might expect, Semerjian was thrilled to be working with McAlpine Tankersley on the 10,000-square-foot home, which took 18 months to build. “It’s refreshing to have a client thinking outside of the box,” says Semerjian of the Jahnles. “A lot of people don’t go to this extent in building a custom house. Every decision was tailored to their specifications.”

From the moment you see the courtyard of the French Provençal home, you know you’re in for something different. The main room—which Torode calls a salon—features two sitting areas and a dining area. “Our kids are older, and we wanted a place that, when they came back, we’d all be together,” says Jahnle. “When we entertain, we use the whole space.”

In the dining area, floor-to-ceiling drapery runs along tracks to offer privacy and block sunlight. “Since we moved in three years ago, we use it a couple times a week,” says Jahnle. “In our previous house, we’d use our formal dining room twice a year.”

A company in Alabama supplied the floor’s cream pavers, which resemble limestone. “The drapes soften all the wood and concrete,” says Torode.

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