Main Line Education: Top Teachers 2011

The Main Line’s public high schools are among the best in Pennsylvania. Here are 12 reasons why.

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If you’re looking for the common thread connecting CEOs, peacemakers, world leaders, movers and shakers, look no further than the teachers who inspired them.

Michael Ludwig of Penncrest High School. (Photo by Jared Castaldi)For the first installment of our series celebrating the area’s top educators, we enlisted the help of public high school principals and other administrators, asking them who has the right stuff to make our esteemed list. Most were more than happy to give these unheralded role models their just due.

Granted, none of these 12 standouts got into teaching for the accolades. But at a time when public education is buckling under the weight of increasing class sizes, staff reductions and dwindling resources, a little sustained applause can go a long way.

Rick Dunbar, Radnor High School (page 2)
Alexis Swinehart, Radnor High School (page 3)
Tom Reed, Lower Merion High School (page 4)
Mollie Fahnestock, Marple Newtown High School (page 5)
Laura Gambone, Marple Newtown High School (page 6)
Lee Mescolotto, Harriton High School (page 7)
Michael Ludwig, Penncrest High School (page 8)
Brenda Gelinas, Downingtown East High School (page 9)
Doug Vallette, Unionville High School (page 10)
Susanne Knupp, Great Valley High School (page 11)
Henry McCloskey, Great Valley High School (page 12)
Scott Rafetto, West Chester East High School (page 13)