Tales From the Bar Side

MLT assistant editor Emily Riley describes the pros and cons of bartending.

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It’s another Saturday night, and I find myself in the same bar, with the same drinks and undoubtedly the same crowd. It’s coming up on last call, and I’ve been here since early evening, the hoppy scent of Yuengling lager permeating my hair and clothes.

And so it is every weekend—and even on a few weeknights. I won’t be forking over $10 for a margarita (and a pretty decent one, I might add). But I’ve got everyone else covered for the next seven or eight rounds.

I’m no lush (at least not very often). I am, however, a party to many a business deal sealed over a shot, and I’ve witnessed enough PDA and schmoozing to melt your heart and turn your stomach.

I’m a bartender. And I know all your secrets. OK, maybe not every one, but more than you think. After putting in my time as assistant editor at Main Line Today, I often have to hustle down to Delaware. As Wilmington’s white-collar brigade is just settling in with their after-work pinots and martinis, I’m trading my office attire for a pair of beat-up Crocs and an all-black getup. I accessorize with a notepad in my back pocket and a dish towel tucked into my belt loop.

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