Style Me Pretty: Hair Trends and Tips From Salon Professionals

Main Line stylists tell us the latest hair trends, from feathers to clip-in bangs. PLUS: Our 2011 Salon and Spa Directory.

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We’ve all experienced hair envy at one point or another. If it’s long, you wish you could pull off a short style—and vice versa. If it’s straight, wouldn’t it be great if it could hold a curl? Forgo your wishing. It’s all quite possible in the hands of these top Main Line-area stylists.

Great Lengths 

Stylist Liz Stelmach has found her niche. The owner of Ardmore’s Salon Ziza specializes in hair extensions and enhancements, which now make up 40 percent of her business. She uses only real hair, which comes from around the world. “Synthetics have limited usage and shelf life,” she says. “I have different grades of Indian, Italian and Russian hair, along with others.”

It’s important to have such a wide variety, as hair extensions are never a one-size-fits-all proposition. “We have to match the texture of a client’s real hair,” says Stelmach. “I can’t add thick hair extensions to a client with naturally thin hair. It has to look believable.”

Which means everyone should be convinced you were born with it. And believable comes at a price: A full head of extensions starts at $1,500, along with maintenance, which typically requires salon visits every three to four months.


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