Style Me Pretty: Hair Trends and Tips From Salon Professionals

Main Line stylists tell us the latest hair trends, from feathers to clip-in bangs. PLUS: Our 2011 Salon and Spa Directory.

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Clip It 

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative that requires less maintenance, Stelmach likes clip-in extensions, which are easily taken on and off, can last a few years, and start at just $450.

Some go with this option to give their hair more fullness and body. Clip-in bangs can provide that Audrey Hepburn look without any cutting, and colored extensions “help bring a richer dimension to the hair,” says Stelmach.

Stelmach also has customers with hair loss due to the side effects of chemotherapy and other medical issues. “Women can sometimes suffer from male pattern baldness,” says Stelmach, who also offers wigs and custom hairpieces. “We have a private room at the salon where I go and meet with clients.”

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