Style Me Pretty: Hair Trends and Tips From Salon Professionals

Main Line stylists tell us the latest hair trends, from feathers to clip-in bangs. PLUS: Our 2011 Salon and Spa Directory.

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Feather Fad 

Blame flamboyant Aerosmith frontman and American Idol judge Steven Tyler. When Jennifer Zirilli and Melissa LaLiberte got their first shipment of feathers at La’lli Hair Lounge in Ardmore, they assumed it would be their preteens and teenagers snatching up the trendy hair extensions. “We were surprised when our adult clients started requesting them,” says Zirilli. “But, really, why not? Hair is supposed to be fun.”

Instead of the hot pinks and bright turquoise colors that are favorites of the younger set, moms are opting for more natural colors that blend better with hair. It helps that Zirilli and LaLiberte know how to place the extensions discreetly on their adult clients, so they can be easily hidden from view.

Prices for clip-ons begin at $20 for the first extension and $10 for each additional piece. Most clients get three for the full effect.

Attached to the hair with natural keratin bonding (never glue), the feathers last up to three months, and they can be shampooed and blow-dried like natural hair. “Hair is an accessory, too,” says Zirilli. “It’s fun to change it up with no major commitment.”

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