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Timothy Freitas, Psy. D.

Map237 Lancaster Avenue
Suite 231

Devon, PA 19333
  • Psychologists


Dr. Freitas specializes in Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (STDP). He works with both individuals as well as couples. STDP, an emotionally-focused technique, is based on findings from neuroscience, physiology, attachment studies and psychodynamic theory. This is an effective and well researched technique that is useful in addressing issues ranging from typical problems in living, such as, relationship difficulties and stagnation in one’s life to more significant conditions (e.g., Depression and Anxiety). Notably, STDP is also effective in treating physical symptoms unexplained by medical examination; for example, headaches for which no medical reason can be found. It can also serve as a useful complementary treatment for medical problems; the literature is showing that unexpressed emotional conflicts are related to health problems, eg., impaired immune functioning. The focus in STDP is to help one overcome internal resistance to experiencing feelings about present or past conflicts. This addresses problems in an active and rapid manner. In facing emotionally difficult aspects of life, one can be relieved of symptoms and moreover, have a clearer understanding of oneself both emotionally and cognitively, and be freed to live a healthy life to a full potential. Dr. Freitas completed his internship at the University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Hospital) and post-doctoral fellowship was at the University of California, Los Angeles. Dr. Freitas offers an initial 15 minute courtesy consultation so you can make an informed decision about your health care. He looks forward to the opportunity to work together.

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