Staff Picks: "Robert C. Jackson: Paintings" and Thinking Putty

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Robert C. Jackson: Paintings

Photo by Jared CastaldiBy Philip Eliasoph (Schiffer, 239 pages)

In the celebrated Brandywine Valley art scene, Kennett Square’s Bob Jackson is the epitome of the talented dark horse toiling in the shadows—and this dark horse has a wicked sense of the absurd, turning out colorful, whimsical, meticulously rendered still lifes that both draw upon and subvert the American realist tradition. Given his penchant for incorporating a disparate array of found objects—from apples, oranges and alarm clocks to balloons, pencils and vintage soda crates—it’s impossible not to find something to embrace in this first-ever published treatise of his work. My current favorite depicts a frog sitting on a desk, facing an illuminated flashlight. Its title: “Fifteen Minutes of Fame.” Read Catherine Quillman’s profile of Jackson here. —Hobart Rowland

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